Call this subprocedure to write out a section (e.g. ::envelope_begin.) The most common use will be to call RXS_wrtSection after one or many calls have been made to RXS_updVar(). Make sure to specify the flush parameter before your program ends to ensure all data has been processed in the buffer and sent to either standard out or an IFS stream file.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_wrtSection...
D                 pr

Writes a template section to the buffer.

D  pSections                  1024a   value varying

Specify one or many sections to write. When specifying more than one section, separate them with a space.

Example: section1 (will write template variable ::section1)

D  pFlush                         n   options(*nopass) value

Flush everything that has been written to either standard out or an IFS File. The destination will depend on what was specified on the pOutType parameter for subprocedure RXS_initTplEng(). Note that if RXS_VAR was specified for pOutType on RXS_initTplEng(), the flush will have no effect here. Instead when RXS_getBuffData() is called *On should be specified to flush the buffer.