Use this subprocedure to retrieve the data that has buffered in the Template Engine. Note that RXS_VAR should have been specified for the pOutType parameter on the call to RXS_initTplEng() API for this to work. This is most often used in conjunction with RXS_getUri() and passed for the pReqData parameter.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_getBuffData...
D                 pr                  like(RXS_XmlData)

Retrieves the composition engine buffer and stores it in a field, which will then be returned to the calling program.

D  pFlushBuff                     n   const options(*nopass)

Determine whether or not to flush the buffer after the template data is returned. This value should most often be *On.

D  pOffset                      10u 0 const options(*nopass)

Used to tell the template engine where to start retrieving data in the template engine buffer. Unless necessity dictates it be used do not pass this parameter (note the *NOPASS). Use RXS_getBuffLen() to determine if there is more than 65535 bytes of data currently buffered in the template engine.