Call this subprocedure before RXS_parse() to tell the parser to notify a specific subprocedure of your program every time it encounters the end of an element in a document (i.e. <element>I am the content</element>.)

Note: Using this approach saves coding time when a program will retrieve a majority of the end element events.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_allElemEndHandler...
D                 pr

Enables parsing of all XML end events.

D  pHandler                       *   value procptr

The address of the local subprocedure in your program that should be called when any element’s end tag is encountered. This subprocedure must have the prototype as shown in the example event handler. Use the %PADDR Built-In Function to obtain the address of the local subprocedure (e.g. %Paddr(myHandler)).