Call this subprocedure before RXS_parse() to tell the parser what encoding to use while parsing the character data in elements and attributes. By default the parser will look at the first few characters of the file to attempt to determine what encoding should be used. By default, and more often than not, UTF-8 is used. That can cause problems if the data was actually obtained using CCSID 819 (i.e. encoding ISO88591). If you are having trouble parsing characters like Ü then your data is probably being returned as ISO88591 vs. UTF-8 (as many XML declarations incorrectly state).

Note: An excellent reference for code pages can be found here.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_setParseEnc...
D                 pr

Configure encoding used to parse XML.

D  pPrsEnc                      25a   const

Specify the parse encoding that the parser should use. All of these constants can be found in copy book RXSCP.

Valid Values:

  • RXS_UTF8
  • RXS_UTF16
  • RXS_ISO88591