XML data is passed as strings. If your system needs to store it as decimal or numeric data, you will need to convert it. This provides an alternative to the %Dec and %Int built-in functions.

Typical usage would look like:

CM.CUSTNBR = RXS_charToNbr(pData: 0);

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_charToNbr   pr            30P 9

Convers a character string into a numeric value.

D  pStr                         50A   varying const


The character data to be converted. If the process encounters a non-numeric character (excluding decimal points), conversion will halt and the subprocedure will return the converted value to that point.

D  pDft                         30P 9 value


A default value to be used in the event that the character data being passed cannot be converted.

Example: 0