This subprocedure allows the programmer to read the XML data into a file that was sent to your program via an HTTP POST. Once the XML is obtained it can be passed to the parser using RXS_parse().

This subprocedure allows the programmer to read up to 16MB of XML. If an application needs to transmit more than 16MB, other methods may better serve the requirement. XML is probably not the best method for data replication, or for transferring thousands of records at a time and similar procedures. The extra overhead incurred by passing tags causes problems. For example, the following XML takes 36 characters to transmit 3 characters of data:


Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_readToFile...
D                 pr

Read standard in to IFS file.

D  pFile                              value like(RXS_FilePath)

The qualified name of the IFS file into which to read the results.

Example: /myFolder/web_service_request.xml