CyberSource Toolkit for i

The CyberSource Toolkit for i allows real-time communication with the CyberSource web service APIs directly from the RPG environment without requiring Java or WebSphere.
The current release of CyberSource Toolkit for i is version 3.6.1.
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Name Description
CTI_Run() Run CyberSource web service APIs
CTI_NextUniqueId() Generate a unique identifier for use with the CTI subprocedures.
CTI_DownloadReport() Download a report from the CyberSource REST reporting API.
CTI_QueryTransaction() Query a transaction with the CyberSource Transaction Query API.
CTI_ParseBatchDetailReport() Parse a downloaded batch detail report.
CTI_ParseExceptionDetailReport() Parse a downloaded exception detail report.
CTI_ParseTransactionQuery() Parse a downloaded transaction query.

Sample Programs

Name Category Description
T_ATH Card Authorization
T_ECDBT E-Check E-Check Debit
T_FOCRDT Follow-On Follow-On Credit
T_SACRDT Follow-On Stand-Alone Credit
T_VOID Follow-On Void a Capture or Credit
T_ATHREV Follow-On Authorization Reversal
T_CAP Card Capture
T_ATHCAP Card Authorization and Capture
T_LVL23CMP Card Capture with Level II and III Data
T_CAPPRT Card Partial Capture
T_SUBCRT Subscription Create a Subscription
T_SUBRTV Subscription Retrieve a Subscription
T_SUBUPD Subscription Update a Subscription
T_SUBDLT Subscription Delete a Subscription
T_ATHSUBCR Card/Subscription Authorization and Subscription Creation
T_PRSBDR Reporting Parse Batch Detail Report
T_PRSEDR Reporting Parse Exception Detail Report
T_QRYTRN Reporting Run a Transaction Query
T_PRSQRY Reporting Parse Transaction Query
T_SLTRNQR1 Reporting Single Transaction Query by Transaction Request ID
T_SLTRNQR2 Reporting Single Transaction Query by Merchant Reference Number
T_DWNLRPT Reporting Download a Report from CyberSource
T_APATH PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Authorization Service
T_APBAG PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Billing Agreements Service
T_APCAP PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Capture Service
T_APCNL PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Cancel Service
T_APORD PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Order Service
T_APREF PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Refund Service
T_APREV PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Authorization Reversal Service
T_APSAL PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Sale Service
T_APSSN PayPal AltPay PayPal AltPay Session Service
T_ATHKEYED Card Authorization for Keyed Data
T_ATH_AP Digital Wallet Apple Pay Authorization
T_ATH_MC Card MasterCard Authorization Type Indicator
T_ATH_VC Digital Wallet Visa Checkout Authorization
T_ATHMDD Card Authorization with Merchant-Defined Data fields
T_ATHSWIPE Card Authorization for POS Swipe Data
T_SUBCHRG Subscription Authorization and Capture for a Subscription