Generate CyberSource Security Keys

CyberSource requires a security key be sent with each transaction for authentication purposes.

  1. Go to the appropriate Business Center and log in with your Username and Password.
  2. In the left nav select “Account Management” and then “Transaction Security Keys”.

Generate Security Keys, Step 1

  1. Click the Generate Key button.

Generate Security Keys, Step 2

  1. Copy the key generated.

Generate Security Keys, Step 3

Once generated, you will need to add this value to the CTICFGMCH DB2 file along with the merchant ID. You can do this using the UPDDTA command, or any other utility you may be comfortable with for direct DB2 file modification.

The record you create or modify should look similar to the below. You will need to do this for each merchant ID you have.

ikrengel   ikrengel   9uU+8Ob9S+V+z0s6TotF6Jx4VyKpkSOAiNA6Mm...