CTI Configuration

The following DB2 physical files are used to configure your CTI installation.

This file stores environment-level configuration for CTI. This includes which webservice endpoints are available, whether or not a proxy is used for communication, and logging and report downloading directories.


CTI Environment Configuration

A            MERCHANTID    30A


Merchant ID

A            LOGDIR       512A

Logging Directory

A            DOWNLDDIR    512A

Report download directory

A            PLUGINDIR    512A

CTI plugin directory

A            TESTWSURL   1024A

CyberSource webservice test URL

A            PRODWSURL   1024A

CyberSource webservice production URL

A            TESTRPTURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting test URL

A            PRODRPTURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting production URL

A            PROXYURL    1024A

Proxy URL

A            PROXYUSER     60A

Proxy username

A            PROXYPASS     60A

Proxy password

A            TESTAPIURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting API test URL

A            PRODAPIURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting API production URL

This file stores merchant-level configuration for CTI. This includes merchant login information, target environment (test or production), and whether logging is enabled for requests.
This file also contains the security key used to communicate with the CyberSource SOAP services for payment processing. To generate this security key, follow the instructions here: Generate CyberSource Security Keys


CTI Environment Configuration

A            MERCHANTID    30A


Merchant ID

A            LOGALL         4A

Log all requests?

A            WSENV          5A

CyberSource webservice environment

A            WSUSER       500A

CyberSource webservice username

A            WSPASS       500A

CyberSource webservice password