CTI Configuration

The following DB2 physical files are used to configure your CTI installation.

This file stores environment-level configuration for CTI. This includes which webservice endpoints are available, whether or not a proxy is used for communication, and logging and report downloading directories.


CTI Environment Configuration

A            MERCHANTID    30A


Merchant ID

A            LOGDIR       512A

Logging Directory

A            DOWNLDDIR    512A

Report download directory

A            PLUGINDIR    512A

CTI plugin directory

A            TESTWSURL   1024A

CyberSource webservice test URL

A            PRODWSURL   1024A

CyberSource webservice production URL

A            TESTRPTURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting test URL

A            PRODRPTURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting production URL

A            PROXYURL    1024A

Proxy URL

A            PROXYUSER     60A

Proxy username

A            PROXYPASS     60A

Proxy password

A            TESTAPIURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting API test URL

A            PRODAPIURL  1024A

CyberSource reporting API production URL

This file stores merchant-level configuration for CTI. This includes merchant login information, target environment (test or production), and whether logging is enabled for requests.


CTI Environment Configuration

A            MERCHANTID    30A


Merchant ID

A            LOGALL         4A

Log all requests?

A            WSENV          5A

CyberSource webservice environment

A            RPTENV         5A

CyberSource reporting environment

A            WSUSER       500A

CyberSource webservice username

A            WSPASS       500A

CyberSource webservice password

A            RPTUSER      500A

CyberSource reporting username

A            RPTPASS      500A

CyberSource reporting password