Implemented Features

Below is a list of currently implemented aspects of the CyberSource API.

If you don’t see functionality you require, please contact us at to discuss the functionality you’re looking for.



Where the cardholder’s funds are verified as available and set aside for the pending transaction.

Authorize Capture

Where the cardholder’s funds are verified and immediately transferred to the merchant.


Full or partial transfer of funds from the cardholder’s pending authorization to the merchant.

Authorization Reversal

Releases the reserve held against the consumer’s available credit for transactions not yet capture

Stand-Alone Credit

A stand-alone credit is not linked to a capture. There is no time limit for requesting stand-alone credits.

Follow-On Credit

A follow-on credit is linked to a capture in the CyberSource system. You can request multiple follow-on credits against a single capture. You must request all follow-on credits within 60 days of the capture that is being credited.


A customer subscription consists of information about a customer that you store in the CyberSource database for future billing. By using this feature, you will not be storing sensitive payment information on your system. A subscription ID, also known as a token, takes the place of sensitive credit card information. With the token specified in requests to CyberSource, you can use the information stored on their systems to handle all payment processing. You are able to create, update, retrieve, and delete a subscription, as well as use the subscription for billing in either a recurring or ad hoc manner. You have the ability to create a subscription from a payment processed through CyberSource for up to 60 days. A customer subscription includes:

  • The customer’s name
  • The customer’s required contact information, such as the billing address
  • The customer’s optional contact information, such as the email address, phone number, and shipping address
  • A form of payment for the customer, such as a card number or bank account number
  • Metadata about the subscription or customer profile, such as a merchant reference number, a customer ID, a title for the subscription or customer profile, or comments
  • Optional storage fields in which you can store any type of data

Additional Payment Methods


Process payments with a PayPal token, and facilitate the PayPal Express Checkout service.

Visa Checkout

Process CyberSource authorizations with a Visa Checkout order ID in place of card data.

Apple Pay

Process CyberSource authorizations with an Apple Pay token.


Payment Batch Detail Report

Available shortly after your captured transactions are batched. This free report contains transactions processed with these applications (not all features may apply to your specific account):

  • Credit card capture and credit
  • Bank transfer and bank transfer refund
  • Direct debit and direct debit refund
  • Electronic check debit and electronic check credit
  • PayPal transactions
  • Bill Me Later transactions

The report includes only transactions that CyberSource has sent to the payment processor.

Payment Submission Detail Report

This report is an updated version of the Payment Batch Detail Report, with additional fields. Please see CyberSource’s documentation for more information.

Transaction Exception Detail Report

Daily report containing detailed information about transactions that were flagged by CyberSource or by the processor because of errors that were sent in the request of your follow-on transactions, such as captures and credits. For example, you might see errors such as a capture amount greater than the authorized amount and missing or invalid fields.

Single Transaction Query

An on-demand report to retrieve the status of and information for a given transaction. This query can be used when a transaction is interrupted and the status of the charge is in question.