Installing CyberSource Toolkit for i

Before installing CyberSource Toolkit for i, you should confirm that your IBM i is able to support TLS 1.2 and CyberSource's required secure cipher suites. Please see the security requirements page for more information.

  1. Unzip the downloaded file to C:\temp (or the directory of your choice).
  2. Create the *SAVF to upload to on your IBM i:
  3. FTP the file CTI.SAVF from your PC to the IBM i. Open a DOS prompt (Start → Run → enter 'cmd' and hit enter). Type the following into the DOS prompt, replacing the IP address with that of your IBM i. When prompted, enter your IBM i username and password.
    1. ftp 123.456.789.123
    2. binary
    3. lcd c:\temp
    4. quote site namefmt 0
    5. cd QGPL
    6. put CTI.savf CTI.savf
    7. quit
  4. Restore the library from the *SAVF:
  5. Add the library to your library list:
  6. Restore the IFS *SAVF:
    RST DEV('/qsys.lib/cti.lib/ifs.file') OBJ(('/ktprod/cti' *INCLUDE '/ktprod/cti')) CRTPRNDIR(*YES) PRNDIROWN(QSYS) ALWOBJDIF(*ALL)
  7. Apply your license key:
    APYLIC LICKEY(<<insert key that was emailed to you>>) PRODUCT(CTI)
  8. Follow the below guide to import the required SSL certificates to your system:
    Import SSL Certificates
  9. Follow the below guide to generate and install CyberSource security keys:
    Generate CyberSource Security Keys