VFNDVC - Verifone Device Table

The VFNDVC table will store connection and device information for each Verifone payment terminal that you register using VFN_Register() or REGVFNDVC.

A          R VFNDVCR


PTTI Verifone Device Record

A            DEVICEID     256A         VARLEN


Device ID

A            DEVICEHOST  1024A         VARLEN


Device Remote Host

A            PRIMARY        5P 0

Device Primary Port

Default Value: 5015

A            SECONDARY      5P 0

Device Secondary Port

Default Value: 5016

A            CONNTMOUT      3P 0

Device Connection Timeout (seconds)

Default Value: 10

A            READTMOUT      3P 0

Device Read Timeout (seconds)

Default Value: 10

A            WRITETMOUT     3P 0

Device Write Timeout (seconds)

Default Value: 10

A            MODEL         10A         VARLEN

Device Model

Valid Values:

  • *MX915
  • *MX925
  • *VX520
  • *VX680
  • *VX805
  • *VX820
  • *MOBE255
  • *MOBE315
  • *MOBE335

A            DESC        1024A         VARLEN

Device Description

Example: "Store 1145, Lane 7"

A            MACKEY        24A         VARLEN

Registered MAC Key

A            MACLABEL      50A         VARLEN

Registered MAC Label

A            COUNTER       10P 0

Message Counter

A            PUBLICKEY   81925         VARLEN

Device Public Key

A            PRIVATEKEY  81925         VARLEN

Device Private Key