Payment Terminal Toolkit for i Changelog

The current version of Payment Terminal Toolkit for i is 1.11a, and was released February 9th, 2017.


  • Corrected issue with MANUAL_ENTRY and FORCE_FLAG always being generated in request XML.
  • Added new example program T_ATHMIN which performs a minimal authorization without additional optional fields.


  • Added device-type filtering for many conditional fields and APIs - see individual API documentation for more information:
  • Added field to VFNDVC to store device type when registering Verifone terminals. This field is used for the device-type field and API filtering. Existing devices registered in VFNDVC will need to be updated to include this value.
  • Added fields to overwrite default timeout values on an individual call basis:
    • ConnectTimeout
    • WriteTimeout
    • ReadTimeout
  • Includes a fix for the ENCRYPT request field being written with the incorrect value


  • Added field to VFNDVC to track device model number
  • Added new device management commands:
  • You can now specify an absolute path for request and response log files


  • General bug fixes


  • Includes a fix for the TAX_AMOUNT and RUNNING_TAX_AMOUNT request fields
  • General bug fixes


  • Includes support for retrieving the customer-entered email from VFN_GetEmail
  • Additional example programs


  • Initial public release