This subprocedure can be used to generate a randomized entry code, to be used when registering a device using VFN_Register().

Subprocedure Prototype

D VFN_GenerateEntryCode...
D                 PR                  Extproc('VFN_GenerateEntryCode')

Returns a four-digit code that can be used to register a payment device.

D                                     Like(VFN_EntryCode_t)

Example Code

// Example Program: T_ENTCODE // Description: // This is a test program to illustrate how to call the // VFN_GenterateEntryCode() subprocedure. Ctl-Opt DftActGrp(*No) ActGrp(*Caller) BndDir('PTTIBND'); /COPY QRPGLECPY,VFNCB // This is included for demo output purposes. Dcl-Pr WriteToJobLog Int(10) Extproc('Qp0zLprintf'); pString Pointer Value Options(*String); End-Pr; Dcl-C NewLine x'15'; Dcl-S EntryCode Like(VFN_EntryCode_t); EntryCode = VFN_GenerateEntryCode(); WriteToJobLog( 'Generated Entry Code: ' + EntryCode ); *INLR = *On; return;