PTTICFG - PTTI Configuration Table

The PTTICFG table stores global configuration values that are used in all PTTI subprocedures. These are stored in key-value pairs.

Configuration Options


This is a required configuration field and is the IFS path where PTTI and associated files are stored.

Default: /ktprod/ptti


This is a required configuration field and controls where IFS log files will be generated.

Default: /ktprod/ptti/logs


This field controls at a global level whether logging is enabled, and what log format will be used if logging occurs. Current log formats are limited to *XMLONLY, which will create simple XML request and response files. These files are suitable for providing to Verifone or other certifying partners to indicate that your integration is working properly.

If this field is left blank, log files will not be generated regardless of any values set on an individual PTTI API’s request data structure RequestLog and ResponseLog subfields.

Default: *XMLONLY

A          R PTTICFGR
A            CFGNAME       64A         VARLEN


Configuration Option Name

A            CFGVALUE    1024A         VARLEN

Configuration Option Value