Change System Configuration

Your system is highly configurable. We can increase your system memory, CPW, and disk space upon request, generally within the same business day and without requiring system downtime.

You can also request the provisioning of an iASP. If this is not requested during the initial provisioning of the system, you will generally need to purchase additional disk space in order to properly allocate disk resources to the iASP.

To request changes to system configuration, please reach out to our team at with your desired system change. When increasing system resources, additional monthly charges will apply and you will be subject to a pro-rated charge for the remainder of your current month’s service.

Note: In circumstances where system downtime is needed to change system resources, this will be communicated before any changes are made. Downtime is usually not longer than the duration of an IPL.

If you’d like to review pricing for each upgrade, please see our order form at