Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’ve collected some of the most frequently-asked questions, or questions that didn’t fit into other pages on our support site.

If you have a quesiton that isn’t addressed here or elsewhere, please reach out to us at

Q: How many users are licensed on the system?

A: You have unlimited IBM i user profiles.

Q: Can you restore my system save onto my partition?

A: Yes - please reach out to us at and we can make arrangements to restore your data.

Q: Can we IPL our system?

A: Yes, you can IPL your system without needing to request our permission or give us notice. Make sure that you specify RESTART(*YES) on your PWRDWNSYS command to ensure that the system comes back up on its own, since you do not have access to the console.

Q: Can we configure an IPSec VPN tunnel?

A: Yes - please reach out to us at as we need to collect additional information about your network in order to provision the IPSec tunnel.