Work with RXSRTR Entries (WRKRXSRTRE)

The Work with RXSRTRCTL Entries (WRKRXSRTRE) command allows the user to create, modify, and delete configuration entries for use with the RXS Router.

The command consists of two screens - the main entry display screen, and the entry detail display screen.

From the main entry display screen, you can select one or more entries to be displayed, edited or deleted, using the subfile selector field on the left side. You can also use the F6 key to create a new entry. You can use the input field at the top of the screen to position to an entry.

Work with RXSRTRCTL Entries

On the main entry display screen, only the first few characters of each entry are displayed.

On the entry detail display screen, you can display the full entry details and edit them if necessary. Each entry consists of a string comprised of one or more ‘flags’ followed by a related value.

RXSRTRCTL Entry Detail

For more information about how to create a valid RXS Router entry to meet your specific needs, please read more about RXS Router.

New in RXS 3.5.0:


  • Corrected an issue where the Work with RXSRTRCTL Entries screen would display an incorrect date when run from a long-running job.


Environment (ENV)

Specifies the name of the RXS Router environment to edit. This corresponds to same-named members in the RXSRTRCTL and RXSRTRLOG files and a user space of the same name.

Possible Values:

The default environment called RXSRTR will be used.
Name of the RXS Router environment to work with.

Data library (DTALIB)

Specify the RXS Router data library. The RXS Router data library contains data objects required by the RXS Router runtime, including copies of the control file, log file and data cache.

Possible Values:

The first library in the library list of the current job which contains the objects specified above will be used.
The specified library will be used.

Routing Identifier (ID)

Specify the routing control entry to work with.

Possible Values:

All routing control entries will be displayed. The user can specify entries for display, edit or delete or can create a new entry.
The specified routing control entry will be displayed in edit mode.