This searches the currently loaded template for the specified Variable, and replaces it with the Value parameter. If variable is used multiple times, all occurrences will be replaced.

Note: This procedure will throw an error if it has been called without the composition engine being initialized via RXS_StartComposeEngine().

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_ComposeVariable...
D                 PR                  Extproc('RXS_ComposeVariable')
D  pVariable                    30A   Varying Const

The name of the variable to be replaced in the currently loaded template.

D  pValue                             Const Like(RXS_Var16Mv_t)
D                                     Options(*Omit)

The value which will replace the specified Variable.

Example Code

*-------------------------------------------------------------- * This example demonstrates calling RXS_ComposeVariable() to assign the * value of the gFahrenheit field to the template variable 'fahrenheit'. * This variable would be defined in the XML template EXAMPLE like so: * <fahrenheit>.:fahrenheit:.</fahrenheit> *-------------------------------------------------------------- H DFTACTGRP(*NO) BNDDIR('RXSBND') ACTGRP(*CALLER) /copy QRPGLECPY,RXSCB /copy QRPGLETPL,EXAMPLE D gFahrenheit S 3P 1 /free gFahrenheit = 78.6; RXS_ComposeVariable( fahrenheit : %Char(gFahrenheit) ); *INLR = *ON; /end-free