This subprocedure can be used to catch an error thrown by RXS_Throw() or via other methods. The error information is retrieved into a RXS_CatchThrowErrorDS_t data structure.

Typical usage involves this subprocedure being called inside the ON-ERROR section of a MONITOR group.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_Catch...
D                 PR                  Extproc('RXS_Catch')
D                                     LikeDS(RXS_CatchThrowErrorDS_t)

Example Code

**FREE // This example demonstrates calling RXS_Catch() within an ON-ERROR block // to catch an error message. Ctl-Opt ActGrp(*New) BndDir('RXSBND'); /COPY QRPGLECPY,RXSCB Dcl-Ds ErrorDS LikeDS(RXS_CatchThrowErrorDS_t); Dcl-S NumA Int(10); Dcl-S NumB Int(10); Dcl-S Result Int(10); monitor; // To ensure we trigger an error, we're going to divide by 0. NumA = 5; NumB = 0; Result = NumA / NumB; on-error; // Note that you don't have to use RXS_ResetDS to initialize ErrorDS before // using it - this is one of the few RXS data structures where // this is safe and correct. ErrorDS = RXS_Catch(); // At this point ErrorDS should contain the error information for an // MCH1211 "divide by zero" error. endmon; return;

Data Structures

D RXS_CatchThrowErrorDS_t...
D                 DS                  Qualified Template Inz
D   MessageId                    7A

The message ID that was received.

D   MessageFile                 20A

The message file used to store the message ID.

D   MessageData               1024A   Varying

The message data to be merged with the text of the message ID.

D   DataStructureType...
D                                5I 0 Inz(RXS_DS_TYPE_CATCHTHROWERROR)

Internal use only

D   MessageType                  5I 0

The type of message that was sent.

Valid Values:


D   MessageText               4096A   Varying

The full message text that combines the value of the message ID's text and the merged message data.

D   ThrowToCaller...
D                                 N   Inz(RXS_NO)

Not used. Used by RXS_Throw() only.

Valid Values:

  • RXS_NO

Default Value: RXS_NO