This subprocedure calls the UPS Pickup Pending Status API. It reads request data from UPSPSRQ, and writes response data to UPSPSRS.

Subprocedure Prototype

D UPS_pkupStatus  PR              N

Returns *OFF if an error occurs during processing, *ON otherwise.

D  pUniqueID                    15P 0

The ID of the record in UPSPSRQ that will be used to build the request, and under which the response data will be saved in UPSPSRS.

D  pErrorDS                           LikeDS(UPS_Error)

The data structure in which error information will be returned.

Example Code

*------------------------------------------------------------------------ * @Author: Kato Integrations * @Description: * This is a test program to illustrate how to call the UPS_pkupStatus() * subprocedure to query the status of a pickup request. * * To achieve this, generate a unique ID with UPS_getUID(), and * then populate and write a record to UPSPSRQ. Then, call * UPS_pkupStatus(), passing in your unique ID as well as * the other parameters shown. * * UPS_pkupStatus() will return *On if no error was encountered, or * *Off if an error occurred. If an error occurred, you should look at * the fields in ErrorDS to retrieve information about the error. * * Otherwise, you can perform a CHAIN against the UPSPSRS physical * file, and retrieve the result fields. *------------------------------------------------------------------------ H DFTACTGRP(*NO) ACTGRP(*CALLER) BNDDIR('UPSBND') OPTION(*NODEBUGIO) FUPSPSRQ UF A E K DISK Qualified FUPSPSRS IF A E K DISK Qualified /COPY QRPGLECPY,UPS // This is included for demo output purposes. D WriteToJobLog PR 10I 0 Extproc('Qp0zLprintf') D pString * Value Options(*String) D NewLine C x'15' D PSRQ DS LikeRec(UPSPSRQ.RUPSPSRQ:*Output) D PSRS DS LikeRec(UPSPSRS.RUPSPSRS:*Input) D ErrorDS DS LikeDS(UPS_ErrorDS_t) Inz(*LikeDS) D UniqueID S Like(UPS_UniqueID_t) /FREE reset ErrorDS; // Retrieve Unique ID used to identify this request UniqueID = UPS_getUID(); clear PSRQ; PSRQ.UID = UniqueID; // Populate this field with UPS user ID that is present in UPSACCT PSRQ.UserID = 'ataylorkt'; // Populate this field with your USP account number that is present // in UPSACCT PSRQ.AcctNbr = '0704W7'; write UPSPSRQ.RUPSPSRQ PSRQ; // If UPS_pkupStatus() returns *Off, an error occurred and UPS_ErrorDS // should be reviewed to determine the cause. if not UPS_pkupStatus( UniqueID : ErrorDS ) ; WriteToJobLog( 'API Error: ' + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Code: ' + %Trim(ErrorDS.Code) + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Severity: ' + %Char(ErrorDS.Severity) + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Source: ' + %Trim(ErrorDS.Pgm) + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Text: ' + %Trim(ErrorDS.Text) + NewLine ); exsr cleanup; return; else; setll UniqueID UPSPSRS.RUPSPSRS; if not %Found(UPSPSRS); WriteToJobLog( 'ERROR: No results found in UPSPSRS' + NewLine ); exsr cleanup; return; endif; // Read the results from UPSPSRS. A selection of the available fields // is output by the example program, but more are available - review // the file to see what else is available. reade UniqueID UPSPSRS.RUPSPSRS PSRS; dow not %Eof(UPSPSRS); WriteToJobLog( 'Result Record:' + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'PID: ' + %Char(PSRS.PID) + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'UID: ' + %Char(PSRS.UID) + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'PKTYPE: ' + PSRS.PKTYPE + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'SVCDT: ' + %Char(PSRS.SVCDT) + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'PRN: ' + PSRS.PRN + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'STSMSG: ' + PSRS.STSMSG + NewLine ); reade UniqueID UPSPSRS.RUPSPSRS PSRS; enddo; endif; exsr cleanup; return; begsr cleanup; // Always call UPS_cleanup() any time your program will terminate UPS_cleanup(); *INLR = *ON; endsr; /END-FREE

Data Structures

D UPS_Error       DS                  Qualified Inz
D  Code                         10A

Error code raised by subprocedure

D  Severity                     10I 0

Severity of error - will be either UPS_SEVERE or UPS_INFO

D  Pgm                          30A   Varying

Name of subprocedure that raised the error

D  Text                      32000A   Varying

Error message text

Input Table Files

A          R RUPSPSRQ


Pickup Status Request

A            UID           15P 0


Record Unique ID

A            USERID        30A


A            ACCTNBR       10A

UPS Account Number

Output Table Files

A          R RUPSPSRS


Pickup Status Response

A            PID           15P 0


Parent Unique ID

A            UID           15P 0


Child Unique ID

A            PKTYPE         2A

Pickup Type

A            SVCDT           L

Service Date

A            PRN           11A

Pickup Request Number

A            GWNSTS         2A

GWN Status Code

A            STSCD          3A

On-Call Status Code

A            STSMSG       500A

Pickup Status Message

A            BILLCD         2A

Billing Code

A            CNNAME        35A

Contact Name

A            REFNBR        35A

Pickup Reference Number