UPS Toolkit for i Release Notes

The current version of UPS Toolkit for i is 2.8.2, and was released June 17, 2021.


  • Enhanced performance for internal licensing code



  • Corrected issue which caused some child table records to be generated with incorrect unique IDs. Child records should now have PID values that match the unique IDs of the parent record in all circumstances



  • Added fields to UPSSCRQ to support UPS SurePost®:
    • USPSENDRS - USPS Endorsement
    • USPSSUBCLS - USPS Sub Class


  • Added fields to UPSSARSPK to support UPS SurePost®:
    • NMACURCD - Non-Machineable Charges Currency Code
    • NMAVAL - Non-Machineable Charges Monetary Value
    • SPDASCURCD - SurePost® DAS Charges Currency Code
    • SPDASVAL - SurePost® DAS Charges Monetary Value

Example Programs

  • Added T_SUREPOST to demonstrate calling UPS_shipConfirm() and UPS_shipAccept() to create a UPS SurePost® shipment



  • Corrected issue which caused UPSXVRS to be populated incorrectly in some scenarios


Upgrading to this release may require code changes and recompilation of some or all programs that use UPSTI subprocedures.


Programs that call this API will need to be recompiled when upgrading to this release.
  • Enhanced API to allow TrackingOption to be specified in UPSTKRQ to support Mail Innovations tracking. As part of this enhancement, the package and tracking number fields in the UPSTKRQ and UPSTKRSPK were expanded to support the longer Mail Innovations tracking numbers
  • Corrected issues preventing activity address lines from being properly populated in some circumstances


  • Enhanced printer output to support longer ZPL lines


  • Enhanced API with new indicator fields for address validity and ambiguity
  • Modified behavior of indicator fields in UPSXVRS so that the false condition is populated if an indicator is not present


  • Corrected issue preventing proper retrieval and decoding of SED forms in some cases
  • Resolved intermittent decimal data areas when using certain international forms
  • Corrected issue preventing PartiesToTransaction field being sent as part of the request
  • Enhanced API to allow shipper address data to be specified in UPSSCRQ, which will override the address data specified in UPSACCT for that request
  • Improved error handling to better capture error data returned by UPS