This subprocedure should be used inside an RXS_Parse() or RXS_ParseJson() parsing subprocedure to convert the parsed data pointer into a character data field.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_STR         PR                  Extproc('RXS_STR') Opdesc
D                                     Like(RXS_Var16Mv_t) Rtnparm

Returns the character data field extracted from the Pointer parameter.

D  pPointer                       *   Const

Pointer containing character data parsed using an RXS_Parse() parsing subprocedure.

D  pPointerLength...
D                               10I 0 Const

Length of the parsed character data contained in the Pointer parameter.

Example Code

* This example code converts the contents of the pData pointer to character
*  data and stores it in the field gCelcius.
* This process may be used in a RXS_Parse() parsing subprocedure to convert data
*  retrieved from an XML element to character data for further processing.


D gCelcius        S              5A   Varying
D pData                           *   Value
D pDataLen                      10I 0 Value
  gCelsius = RXS_STR( pData : pDataLen );

  *INLR = *ON;