Create RPG Template (CRTRPGTPL)

Use this command to create a RPG version of any template files needed for your program. Starting with version 3.0 of RPG-XML Suite, you no longer reference template files in the IFS at runtime. Instead, use this command to convert the stream file to an RPG version of the template. The RPG source is created for you from the template, and if the template should ever change, you will need to re-run this command and recompile your RPG program.

If you don’t currently have an RXS template file, you will need to use BLDTPL to build one.


Stream file (STMF)

This is a required parameter.

Specifies the full path of the IFS stream file built manually or with the BLDTPL Command.

Source file (FILE)

Specifies the name of the source and library of the physical file that will contain the generated RPG source code.