UPS Toolkit for i Documentation

The UPS Toolkit for i allows real-time communication with the UPS web service APIs directly from the RPG environment without requiring Java or WebSphere.
The current release of UPS Toolkit for i is version 2.9.0.
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Name Description
UPS_shipConfirm() Create and confirm a shipment
UPS_shipAccept() Finalize and accept a shipment
UPS_shipVoid() Void a shipment or individual packages from a shipment
UPS_printZPL() Print a ZPL format UPS label
UPS_sAdrVld() Street-level Address validation
UPS_ratingReq() Shipment rating request
UPS_tracking() Shipment tracking request
UPS_timeInTransit() Calculates shipment time in transit
UPS_adrVld() Address validation
UPS_pkupCreate() Create and schedule a package pickup
UPS_pkupStatus() Get status of scheduled pickup
UPS_pkupCancel() Cancel a scheduled package pickup
UPS_pkupRating() Rate a pickup request
UPS_cleanup() Utility subprocedure to run after other calls
UPS_getUID() Utility subprocedure to generate a unique ID for requests