Payment Terminal Toolkit for i Documentation

Payment Terminal Toolkit for i allows for direct integration between your IBM i and a variety of credit card terminals using native RPG.

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Name Description
VFN_AddLineItem() Add one or more items to the line item display screen.
VFN_Authorize() Authorize a charge.
VFN_Cancel() Cancel a transaction in process.
VFN_Capture() Capture payment data.
VFN_Credit() Conduct a credit transaction.
VFN_EndSession() End an active communication session with the Verifone device.
VFN_GenerateEntryCode() Generate a randomized numeric entry code to use when registering a Verifone device.
VFN_GetCounter() Retrieve the transaction counter.
VFN_GetDeviceName() Retrieve the name of the device.
VFN_GetEmail() Display the customer email screen and retrieve the entered data.
VFN_GetSignature() Display the signature screen and retrieve the entered data.
VFN_LaneClosed() Display the "lane closed" screen.
VFN_OverrideLineItem() Override an existing MERCHANDISE line item.
VFN_Reboot() Reboot the device.
VFN_Register() Register a device.
VFN_RemoveAllLineItems() Remove all entries from the line item display screen.
VFN_RemoveLineItem() Remove one or more entries from the line item display screen.
VFN_RetrieveVersion() Retrieve the version information for the firmware and software installed on the Verifone device.
VFN_SetDateTime() Set the device date and time.
VFN_SetDeviceName() Set the device name.
VFN_ShowLineItem() Show the line item display screen.
VFN_StartSession() Open a communication session with a Verifone device.
VFN_Status() Retrieve the transaction status.
VFN_TestMAC() Test the MAC of the registered Verifone device.
VFN_Unregister() Unregister a specified Verifone device.
VFN_UnregisterAll() Unregister all devices.
VFN_Void() Void a transaction.