T_PAYBTRPT - Payment Batch Detail Report

// Example Program: T_PAYBTRPT // Description: // This program demonstrates the CTI_RunPayBatchDetailReport() // subprocedure. This subprocedure retrieves CyberSource's on-demand // payment batch detail report. // // This example demonstrates processing a report which was manually // saved to the IFS, but which does not have an associated record in // the CTIRPT table. It will create a record in CTIRPT, then read and // parse the file into the CTIRPT* output tables. // // This program assumes that you have correctly configured your merchant // and environment tables (CTICFGMCH and CTICFGENV) and that you have at // least one valid batch transaction on the given date. Ctl-Opt ActGrp(*Caller) BndDir('CTIBND'); /COPY QRPGLECPY,CTICB // This is included for demo output purposes. Dcl-Pr WriteToJobLog Int(10) Extproc('Qp0zLprintf'); pString Pointer Value Options(*String); End-Pr; Dcl-C NewLine x'15'; // This stores the unique ID for this API call Dcl-S UniqueId Like(CTI_UniqueId_t) Inz; // This holds any error information returned by the API call Dcl-Ds ErrorDS LikeDS(CTI_ErrorDS_t) Inz(*LikeDS); // This holds configuration values for the report request API call Dcl-Ds ReportDS LikeDS(CTI_ReportAPIConfigDS_t) Inz(*LikeDS); // In order to create a record in CTIRPT, we need to provide a new // unique ID for the report. UniqueId = CTI_NextUniqueId(); ReportDS.MerchantId = 'YOUR_MERCHANT_ID'; ReportDS.Operation = CTI_PROCESS_REPORT; // This is the IFS filepath of a previously downloaded report. This // could have been downloaded either using this API, or through some // other method. ReportDS.ReportStmf = '/your/reports/my_saved_report.xml'; if not CTI_RunPayBatchDetailReport( UniqueId : ReportDS : ErrorDS ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Message Id: ' + ErrorDS.MessageId + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Message: ' + ErrorDS.Message + NewLine ); WriteToJobLog( 'Error Source: ' + ErrorDS.Source + NewLine ); endif; *INLR = *ON; return;