CTIRPT - CyberSource Report Table

This table is used to store information about reports downloaded from CyberSource. Data parsed from the report files and stored in the output tables is indexed by the Report Unique ID field (REPORTID) from CTIRPT.

A          R CTIRPTR


CyberSource Report Data Record

A            REPORTID      15P 0


Report Unique ID

A            MERCHANTID    30A

Merchant ID

A            FILEPATH    1024A

Report Filepath

A            RPTNAME       64A

Report Name

A            RPTFMT         4A

Report Format

A            DLTMSTMP        Z

Download Timestamp

A            RPTVRSN       10A

Report Version

A            RPTSTDT         Z

Report Start Date

A            RPTENDDT        Z

Report End Date