This subprocedure can be used to download and/or process a CyberSource Transaction Exception Detail Report for a specified date.

When downloading a report, or processing a manually downloaded report, a record in CTIRPT will be created for the report file.

When processing the report, the data will be stored in the following DB2 physical files:

If an error occurs, this subprocedure will return *OFF, and information about the error will be present in the pErrorDS parameter which contains a CTI_ErrorDS_t data structure.

Subprocedure Prototype

D CTI_RunTransExpDetailReport...
D                 PR              N   Extproc('CTI_RunTransExpDetail-
D                                     Report')

Returns *OFF if an error occurs during processing, *ON otherwise.

D  pUniqueId                          Const Like(CTI_UniqueId_t)

A unique ID generated with CTI_NextUniqueID(), used to identify the report in CTIRPT


D  pTrnExpDetDS                       Const LikeDS(CTI_ReportAPIConfigDS_t)

A datastructure containing configuration information for the Transaction Exception Detail report


D  pErrorDS                           LikeDS(CTI_ErrorDS_t)

Error data structure used to capture subprocedure and CyberSource errors


Data Structures

D CTI_ReportAPIConfigDS_t...
D                 DS                  Qualified Template Inz
D  MerchantId                         Like(CTI_MerchantId_t)

Merchant ID used to process the transaction


D  ReportFormat                       Like(CTI_ReportFormat_t)
D                                     Inz(CTI_REPORT_FORMAT_XML)

The format of report to retrieve

Valid Values:



D  ReportStmf                         Like(CTI_FilePath_t)

If Operation is set to CTI_DOWNLOAD_REPORT (or set to perform both operations), this field can be used to specify an IFS filepath where the downloaded report to be saved. If no value is provided, the report will be saved in the default download directory set in CTICFG.

If Operation is set to CTI_PROCESS_REPORT, this field can be used to specify an IFS filepath to a previously downloaded report file that is to be parsed. If no value is provided, the subprocedure will retrieve the filepath from the associated CTIRPT record or look in the default download directory.

D  Operation                     1P 0 Inz(0)

Which operation(s) is to be performed by the report subprocedure

Valid Values:


Default Value: CTI_DOWNLOAD_REPORT + CTI_PROCESS_REPORT (download and process)

D  ReportDate                     D   Inz(*SYS)

Date for which the report should be retrieved

D CTI_ErrorDS_t   DS                  Qualified Template Inz
D  Subproc                     132A   Varying

Name of subprocedure returning error

D  MessageId                     7A

Message ID of error message

D  Message                    1024A   Varying

Error message text

D  Source                       10A

Error message source

D  LogFile                            Like(CTI_FilePath_t)

IFS filepath of generated log file